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Providing high-quality flight training in the East and Central Africa region

Skymax Flying School

Skymax Aviation

About Us

Skymax flying school is based in Wilson airport and prides to be the only flying school in Kenya if not Africa that trains pilots under the same roof with aeronautical engineering students. The Kenya Aeronautical college trains aeronautical engineers while Skymax flying school trains pilots. Both institutions are housed in the same building and share the same facilities and trainers.

Wilson Airport Field which Skymax uses for training our students

Air Field

Skymax Aviation Flying School uses Wilson Airport Field to conduct flying sessions and practice. 

Skymax Flying School

Institution Facilities

Skymax has a number of facilities which supports the effective learning and pilot professional practice at all level. 

Skymax Flying School

Reception an Help Desk

We ensure hands-on professional practice for our students with the aim of producing skilled labour and well-qualified pilots.

Featured courses

Skymax Flying school Offers flight training at various levels that will enable the student to attain whatever flying goals set, whether as a career or as a recreational activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is always willing to provide appropriate answers to your  questions. 

Our Vision

Our Mission

  • “To be the preferred aviation centre of excellence in Kenya and beyond providing world-class training”

  • “Providing high-quality flight training in the East and Central Africa region”  

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