Skymax Aviation Limited is an approved Aviation Training Organization (ATO) under KCAA situated in Wilson Airport. The company was formally registered on 28th, October 2011 and received certification as an Approved Training Organization in the same year. The company was started and built up with the aim of providing professional flight training services. Skymax Aviation Limited is staffed, equipped and operated in a suitable environment offering flying and theoretical training for specific training programs. The management structure of Skymax Aviation Limited ensures adequate supervision of all grades of staff by persons having the experience and qualities necessary to ensure the highest standards of quality.

skymax flying school train pilots  from Wilson airport and Malindi airport. We have a fleet of C172  and  C150  aircraft for training.


Vision Statement

“To be the preferred aviation centre of excellence in Kenya and beyond providing world-class training”

Mission Statement

   “Providing high-quality flight training in the East and Central Africa region”        

Core Values

These are fundamental beliefs that shall shape our institutional culture and have a major impact in the manner in which managers and other employees carry out their functions and how they relate to each other to meet and surpass the expectations of the customers.

The core values are:

  • Commitment to Integrity
  • Commitment to Employee Empowerment
  • Commitment to Teamwork
  • Commitment to Innovativeness
  • Commitment to Customer focus
  • Commitment to Quality
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