Is the future of airline pilots good?

Is the future of airline pilots good?

Yes. This is arguably one of the best times to become an airline pilot. It’s only going to get better over the next couple of years.

Regional Airlines have a shortage of pilots!!!

Gone are the days where inexperienced people lined up around the block to live the glamorous and adventurous life of an Airline Pilot. The money, the women, the adventure… who would say no?!

Those days are over… and they’ve been over for a long time. Let’s talk  about money.

When you first start, Regional Airline First Officers make around $33,000 a year to start. Obviously, it all depends on the airline and the number of hours and bid periods there are… but that’s a pretty standard salary for starting off.

Okay, forget the money… there must be some adventure in becoming an Airline Pilot… think about all the places you go! Well, there is adventure in it… if you consider flying an Embraer from Wilson airport, to Congo ,to south Sudan, to somalia…

My point is, not many people want to be flying little planes for small amounts of money to and from the region,

Major Airlines like Ethiopian airlines, Uganda airlines, Kenya airways, etc.… hire from these regional Airlines. A shortage at that level could easily mean a shortage at the major levels as well. More 65 year old’s are retiring as pilots than 30 year old’s coming in.

If you really want to be an Airline Pilot… and I mean really, this is a great time to do it. The Airlines today will value you as an employee more than ever, and you aren’t an expendable price of property to them anymore.

within the next decade airlines across the world are rapidly expanding their fleets in both the short and long haul sectors leading to many orders of new narrow-bodied and wide-bodied jets. There will be a serious need for pilots in the near future as airlines are currently experiencing severe shortages in terms of flight crew. Take Ryanair for example with cancelled flights due to shortages of crew.

The demand for pilots has been strong in recent years and is likely to grow over the upcoming years.

While the situation has changed recently with COVID-19, I don’t think the answer has changed much. Today might not have the best job prospects for an airline pilot, but everyone is expecting a full economic recovery in a couple of years.

It should aalso be noted that major Airlines have lots of older pilots who are retiring (mandatory age 65) . The regional pilots are getting hired to replace these retirees. So if you get into it, you won’t have too much trouble getting a job

However, there is speculation that with the increased automation of modern day jets the need for a pilot will no longer exist within the next 15–30 years or so. While modern day aircraft are getting more automated, a computer lacks the necessary intuition needed to make decisions such as whether to make a go-round or abort take-offs.

So now is likely a great time to start pilot training. By the time one has the training completed in 2–4 years, the industry will have recovered and there are likely to be lots of airline jobs available.


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