Mr. Samson Aketch – Director Skymax Flying School +254727588730

Skymax aviation flying school is based in Wilson Airport and prides to be the only flying school in Kenya if not Africa that trains pilots under the same roof with aeronautical engineering students. The Kenya aeronautical college trains aeronautical engineers while Skymax aviation flying school trains pilots. Both Institutions are housed in the same building and share the same facilities and trainers. This gives pilot students opportunities to learn more in-depth aircraft engineering and operating systems (aircraft general knowledge) from the engineering department.
The engineering department also is privileged to access flying aircraft and learn systems operations in real-time. A well-trained pilot must have good engineering knowledge of aircraft he is flying and it’s operating systems. Such a student will minimize accidents or even prevent fatal accidents due to the fact that he has a better understanding of the mechanical operation of his aircraft than a pilot who has only basic and little knowledge of the aircraft engineering systems that he is flying. Many accidents have been caused by pilot errors as a result of little knowledge of aircraft operating systems and Skymax flying school has no option but to give the best training to pilots in this particular area.
Skymax aviation flying school has trained many pilots from the African continent. We have trained pilots from Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda, Sudan, South Africa, Kenya just to mention but a few. Our goal is to support pilot training in our continent by collaborating with other institutions of similar mind and offering high-quality training. We make this happen also by training pilots at affordable fees.
With our good training skills and dedication, Skymax is looking beyond Kenyan borders to spread her wings. We are hoping to carry out a joint pilot training with Zambia Air Services Training Institute (ZASTI). ZASTI is a very well recognized institution in Zambia and Africa as a training institute and we believe there is a lot we can learn from each other for the benefit of the students.

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