Sports and Co-curricular Activities

Skymax students participate in any sporting and co-curricular activity as desired. However, the various facilities for outdoor sports are contracted based on demand and transportation is freely provided by the school.

Places of Worship

There are designated places of prayer outlined for different religions as per individual needs. 

Catering Centres

The school has a world-class cafeteria that provides nutritious and healthy food and snacks at customer-friendly prices.  

Students Leadership

The students at Skymax Aviation have an elected student leadership is responsible for communicating student issues to the administration through a collective voice.

School Affairs

The health and safety of students are of at most importance. There is first aid personnel within the institution itself who can respond to any health or safety concern that may arise. In conjunction with this, there is a foolproof system set that allows for fast response of medical personnel from the nearest hospital both at Wilson base and at Malindi.

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